“Brooks Colburn’s communications training was essential in preparing me for delivering my TEDx talk.  He knew exactly what to focus on and rehearse to ensure my success.  I had a lot of ideas for my talk, but Brooks was able to streamline them, and together, we created a game plan. To prepare for our collaboration, he took the time to research my whole story. This enabled him to structure my story with an arc and give me really perceptive feedback. We worked together as a team, and it felt like a very empowering partnership. Brooks’s easygoing style made me feel comfortable with my material, and his expertise gave me the professional tips and tools I needed to own my message and ace my TEDx talk.”

Amy Oestreicher

Artist, Author, Speaker

“When I was Program Manager, Public Relations at IBM Global Services, Brooks was the to go-to person for senior executive speeches. Often the excellent, insightful content he created for those speeches appeared in our press releases and generated positive responses from industry analysts and the financial community. As director of corporate communications for a global brand, I know how challenging it is to get your message across in a way that delivers results. Brooks has the rare talent to meet this challenge.”

Ken Neal

Director of Corporate Communications, Canon Business Process Services

“As I was preparing to give a keynote speech to a large sales conference, it was suggested I enlist Brooks to help me fine tune my message and presentation. In a few hours I learned more about public speaking from Brooks than any class or book I had read previously—and more importantly, based on audience feedback, my speech was well received.

Brooks has a very easy going demeanor and yet can tell you exactly what you need to hear to make sure you’re connecting your message with your audience. After my initial success with him, I enlisted Brooks to coach my management team in the art of presentation and public speaking and in a few hours, what he showed us made my entire team much more effective presenters. I would wholeheartedly recommend Brooks if you’re looking for assistance in any facet of public speaking. He’s very good.”

David R. Worley

Managing Director, PwC


MAY – JUNE 2016


“Our Directors’ response to Dr. Colburn’s
Winning Presentations program were all very positive.
Participants in the workshops
were able to take what they learned

and immediately put it to excellent use
in both oral and written communications.”

—Julia Nofri 
Executive Director for Human Resources 
Sacred Heart University


“So much was packed into such a brief amount of time.
Brooks did a great job of making the most of our limited time.”


“The information in this course was explicit and straightforward.”


“To me the most important parts of the course were learning how to enter a room
when speaking and the importance of eye contact.”


“I found the ‘how-to’ content of this course most valuable.”


“Thank you to Brooks!  This was really great.”


“Seeing myself presenting in the videos was the most important to me.
Now I’m able to correct my mistakes going forward.”


“I learned something from each part of the training sessions.
The pros and cons of various tools for presentations,
e.g., reading a script vs. memorizing it, were very valuable to me.”


“These classes were a great mix of theory and practice.”


“I learned how to feel comfortable in front of a group,
and how to structure an effective presentation.”


“I learned the most by having to present the same speech more than once.
The video-taping of both sessions showed me how much I had improved.”


“I learned I could do a presentation without PowerPoint!”

“Well taught lessons which will have a positive impact
on not only my presentation skills but my communication skills overall.”


Very informative program.
I would like to recommend Dr. Colburn to my direct reports.


Dr. Colburn helped to reaffirm my confidence
and improve my ability to present in front of all group sizes. 


Even though I have many years’ experience (presenting in front of groups of people),
I learned many new “tricks.”


“Breathing exercises we learned to relieve stress before speaking were very useful for me.”


“Brooks’s technique of imagining you are an actor when giving your speech
creates the distance I needed not to feel so fearful of public speaking.”

“Everything in this course was valuable.”